Energy Storage Systems have complexities of multiple code requirements for design, interconnection, and typically require electrical and civil construction to complete. R&D Electric excels in all of these areas and has executed portfolios of projects for various developers. Typically ranging from 250KW to 1MW we have installed energy storage at industrial factories, medical facilities, big box stores, multi-unit complexes and office buildings.

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California has been advantageous for solar investment for over a decade, and R&D Electric has installed many systems. We have worked as third party installers for many developers and have designed full systems for our established clients. Projects are more and more complex, sometimes requiring new utility transformers to interconnect. R&D Electric has done many new services working with utilities such as PG&E and SMUD, and can install systems with various interconnection requirements, including new service transformers, medium voltage, and upgrades to switchgear. With new utility requirements, “Solar plus Storage” is becoming more prevalent. R&D Electric has expertise in both facets.

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